(Oliver Hazard Perry: Commodore in the U.S. Navy)

Early Life:

Oliver Hazard Perry was born on August 20th, 1785. At age 13 he entered into the U.S. Navy. Following the events of the XYZ Affair, Perry was recommend for a midshipman appointment, believing that the U.S. would be going to war with France. This midshipman appointment was crucial to Perry's desire to continue to his career choice. It wasn't until 1809 that Perry received his first command of the naval vessel Revenge, a 14-gun schooner.

Court Martial:

Perry received a court martial after the Revenge ran aground and sank on January 8th, 1811. The sinking was not Perry's fault, but rather it was the fault of the pilot who was unable to navigate treacherous waters. Perry was exonerated of all wrong-doing, and took an extended leave during which he was married to Elizabeth Champlin Mason.

War of 1812:

Perry remained unemployed until June 18, 1812 when war was declared on Britain. Perry was assigned to command a squadron of tiny gunboats at Newport Rhode Island. He received a promotion to Master Commandant on October 6, 1812. Perry grew tired of his post and insisted on being in the midst of the battle. When a position became available, Perry was stationed on Lake Erie to command a flotilla of ships that hadn't been built yet.

(Oil Painting of Perry's Victory)

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